Chronobiology Society

The Indian Society for Chronobiology was founded on 12th of December 1977 in Mumbai (then called Bombay). The society has been able to achieve a respectable position among the Scientists both nationally and internationally.

The main aims of the Society are:

To further the study organisms in relation to the temporal order of the nature

To study structure and mechanisms of temporal adaptation

To provide yearly forum for discussion and exchange of ideas among the chronobiologists

To interact with the other Societies having similar aims

The current office Bearers:

President:          Prof. Vinod Kumar

Vice President: Prof. Anand S. Dixit
                          Prof. Anita Jagota

Secretary:          Prof. Sanjay K. Bhardwaj

Treasurer:          Dr. Shalie Malik


Executive Committee members

Dr. Sheeba Vasu (Bangalore)

Prof. Rohit Pradhan (Raipur)

Prof. Monika Sadananda (Mangalore)

Dr. Amit Kumar Trivedi (Mizoram)

Dr. Shiv Shankar Singh (Tripura)

Dr. Shubhashis Sahu (Kolkata)

Prof. Sangeeta Rani (Lucknow)

Dr. Nisha N. Kannan (IISER, Trivandrum)

Editor-in-chief- SAMAY
Dr. Neelu Jain Gupta (Meerut)

Member, SAMAY
Dr. Namram Singh